Ski Specifications and design

Pinnacle Elite Specifications        

Length:   4800 mm

Width:   678mm

Weight: approximately 30 kg

Volume: 0 – 120 kg

Boat design

  • Standard with 3 Rod Holders (optional 2 extra rod holders can be fitted)
  • Wide range of colours
  • Fish Hatch 2700 mm long x 400 mm wide x 310 mm deep
  • Aluminium adjustable foot rails will be fitted
  • ‘V’ shaped hull
  • Small dry round hatch in front of fish hatch (optional extra)
  • Two back hatches
  • Back hatches are 390 mm long x 180 mm wide x 200 mm deep
  • Seat depth 170 mm

Fittings and Materials

All stainless steel fittings are 316 grade stainless steel which is the highest quality stainless available and marine silicone is used on all fittings, and marine grade resign is used on the manufacturing of the kayaks.